Every wedding gown in our birdhouse, our cozy nook in Los Angeles, has been lovingly hand-selected with you, the bride with her own authentic style, in mind. Our collection is varied and expressive, and comes from independent and specialty designers from all over the world. 

Prices range from $1600-$5900 with most falling between $2500-$3500. Read our FAQs and make your private bridal gown fitting appointment.


Tatyana Merenyuk



Brooklyn, NY
Effortless. Delicate. Strong.
Clean lines with a vintage twist, modern with a soft and sexy touch.
Range: $2600 - $3400

Reverie, Loulette.jpg


Brooklyn, NY
Fresh. Playful. Elegant.
Sheer, textured silk fabrics and lace in sophisticated silhouettes.
Range: $3100 - $3600


Brooklyn, White.jpg


Toronto, Canada
Authentic. Modern. Cool.
Dripping sequins and dip-dyed hot pink ombré.
Range: $1800 - $3100

Delphine Manivet

Paris, France
Daring. Graceful. Chic.
Exquisite French savoir-faire.
Range: $2400 - $4800



Elizabeth Dye


Portland, OR
Bold. Creative. Romantic.
Sleek minimalism to ballgown madness, free spirited romanticism.
Range: $1600 - $3200

TLT Pierce.jpg

Tara LaTour


Minneapolis, MN
Refined. Dramatic. Luxurious. 
Expertly structured haute couture for the cool kids.
Range: $5600 - $5900