So don't have dresses?

Not yet...stay tuned for some big news. ;)

Where do you get all your cool stuff?

We've curated an incredible collection of bridal adornments by designers from Portland to London to Paris. Every single piece is hand-selected and handmade, and all of our designers are women artists and entrepreneurs. 

When should I make my appointment?

You've got the dress in your hot little hands, or you may have a fitting or two left. It's helpful to come in before your final fitting, especially if you're interested in shoes, as many dress designers want to ensure the length is just right.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

If you've got a swatch of fabric or pics of your dress that's fab, or any other inspiration pics for your wedding day look you'd like to share.

Who shall I bring along for my appointment?

One or two trusted opinions is plenty! You don't want too much input - you know your style, boo. Our showroom is cozy, so bring just a bestie or two.

Should I order online or make an appointment in the showroom?

We'd love for every bride to have the full Blushing Bird experience and sip champagne in the Birdhouse while trying on everything that catches their eye. We also have way more choices in the shop that aren't available online.

If you're near Los Angeles, we'd love to have you. If not, we're just a click away. Contact us by email or phone if you have any questions; we're always here to chat about your wedding style.