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So have dresses now?

We sure do! We started as a specialty bridal accessory shop and there was so much demand we expanded into carrying dresses. We permanently stock around 30 amazing gowns from 6+ designers and are host trunk shows with lots more gowns regularly. But we still have all the cool extras we're known for to make the look your own - shoes, headpieces, veils, and jewelry.

When should I make my appointment?

Our dresses take anywhere from 10-24 weeks to make (you can rush order some dresses if you are in a time crunch). After your gown arrives, you will most likely need to bring it to a seamstress for a few alterations to make sure it fits just right. Ideally, we encourage you to start dress shopping a year to 8 months before your wedding and place an order by 6 months prior. But we know this isn't always possible so don't hesitate to ask if you aren't sure about your timeline.

Shoes should be ordered 4-6 months prior to your event. While we have some styles in stock, many of our shoes are made-to-order and take up to 16 weeks to be made so it's safest to give yourself some time. It's also ideal to have your shoes for your dress fitting as the heel height will affect the dress length.

Accessories are the final puzzle piece. Like everything, earlier is better. We do keep a limited amount of items in stock for our most popular pieces, however, if you fall in love with a crown that we will need to order from France, that takes some time. You should aim to make your accessory appointment no later than 2 months before your wedding.  

WHAT should I bring with me to my appointment?

DRESS APPOINTMENTS: Just your pretty self. If you plan to wear Spanx or something fancy like that on the day, you encourage you to wear them to your appointment, but it's not required. 

ACCESSORIES APPOINTMENTS: If you've got a swatch of fabric and/or pics of your dress that's fab. Wear something simple so we can fancy you up.

WHO shall I bring with me to my appointment?

One or two trusted opinions is plenty! You don't want too much input - you know your style, boo. The birdhouse is cozy, so bring just a bestie or two.

Should I order online or make an appointment in the birdhouse?

We'd love for every bride to have the full Blushing Bird experience and sip champagne in the birdhouse, but our online shop is super convenient for brides all over the world. We even take Skype appointments if you want to talk through your options and see a bunch of different pieces in action! If you're near Los Angeles, we'd love to have you. If not, we're just a click away. Contact us by email or phone if you have any questions; we're always here to chat about your wedding style.

What in the heck is a "trunk show"?

A trunk show is a 3 - 14 day event where we invite designers to showcase their newest collections at the birdhouse. During that time our brides can shop their latest designs. We often offer special discounts or extras during our trunk show if you purchase these items during the event. 

Where do you get all your cool stuff? 

We've curated an incredible collection of bridal gowns, shoes and accessories by designers from Portland to London to Copenhagen. Every single piece is hand-selected and handmade, and all of our designers are women artists and entrepreneurs.